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"Just an Italian guy who loves sex" NSFW/18+

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What's your skype name?

Italiansd0itbetter ;)

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Video of the day?

Shower sex | Pornpros

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Un giorno verrò a trovarti e non vedo l'ora di essere la tua schiava.

Vediamo di sbrigarsi ;)

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Confession: I've talking to this guy for this guy for 3 almost 4 months now, and I've been imaging us having sex all the time, But he moved to Canada last year, and I'm going to meet him in person soon. I can't wait to get him in my bed;)

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Confession: I really want to fuck 3 women in particular. One is my best friends wife and the other two are both married and each have two kids. These women are all I think about when I masturbate. I never feel bad about it.

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Come faccio a mandarti un video in anonimo qui su tumblr?

Non si può, se vuoi mandarmi un video usa la mia email

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I loooooove your blog, and also I just wanted to say that I really appreciate that most of the gifs you post have a guy with a realistic sized dick, looking at your blog doesnt set any unrealistic standards for men. keep on it ! Much love <3

Glad you love my blog so much, thank you!! ;)

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Quanti anni hai? Ho letto che hai perso la verginità a 16 anni, sono curiosa di sapere quanti anni di sesso ti son voluti per crearti tutta quest'esperienza ;)

L’esperienza andrebbe verificata sul campo ma ti ringrazio per la fiducia. Al momento sono 10 intensi anni di studio :)

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Confession: My boyfriend can't seem to make me cum, this blog gets me through the day.

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