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It's raining and I am so horny right now, I wanted to sit in your lap while you fuck me hard with your cock, I want you to eat my wet pussy out, suck and bite my hard nipples, do whatever you want to me, I want you to cum all over me. Just fuck me hard!

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Do you like golden showers?


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Love your gifs ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Confession- I was at the hospital with my family. I was really horny and didn't know what to do. I went to the bathroom and started touching myself, I cummed 2 times and squirted. It felt amazing. Knowing that someone could hear me or knock on the door turned me on even more.

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Confession: My friend took my virginity. Then I fucked hit cousin (who has a girlfriend.. oops). Then I fucked my friend again. That whole family has me dripping. I still want more & knowing it's wrong makes it so much hotter.

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Confession: I'm a virgin with an extremely dirty mind, I came across your blog last month and fingered myself until I came. Every time I come on tumblr I visit your blog first. You get me so fucking horny. The things I would do with you..

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